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Company Lawyers Legal services: If you are a company owner, you will be in need of all in all company lawyers for various legal requirements. Company lawyers indeed will be able to help in incorporation, compliance and corporate governance. Chennai Law forum is one of the best law firms in India with a team of the best company attorneys in the first place. 

Who is a Company Lawyer?

Company lawyers are also called Corporate Lawyers.

Company lawyers spend the majority of their time on legal issues a company faces as a matter of fact. In reality, they spend less time in the courtroom. They focus all their energy on transactions in addition.

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In any case, Company lawyers may either work in a company’s legal department or at a law firm. Company lawyers assist a company in contract negotiation and acquisitions in like manner. Above all, Chennai law forum Company lawyers always give priority to legal interests of client’s business. 

What are the skills to look for in a Company lawyer?

Company lawyers must be coupled with a variety of skills.

  • Corporate attorneys should have a good insight into the nature of business and finance of a company in the same fashion.
  • The Company advocates need to understand the effects of their legal decision on the business in the same way.
  • Corporate lawyers should be proficient in legal research in light of fact. In fact, They have to ensure the company’s compliance with rules and regulations.
  • The Company counsels should have excellent communication skills by the same token. Of course, They need to be good negotiators with the skill to act on behalf of the company in contract negotiations. Company lawyers are the deal makers

What are the main responsibilities of Company Lawyers?

Company lawyers’ main job is to ensure the company’s business transactions are compliant.

A company lawyer must do law research on the effects of transactions. He must tell the company about any negative effects of transactions on business.

Apart from regular duties, they need to coordinate with departmental heads. Plus they have to understand their issues. Example – He can consult with the company’s marketing dept. about the marketing perspective of dispute settlement. He can make sure it does not affect the sales of the company.

Company Formation
  • Statutory compliance advice on the Companies Act and other laws
  • Drafting and vetting various agreements and commercial contracts
  • Secretarial Audit
  • Liaison with MCA, NCLT, NCALT, and other relevant offices pertaining to company affairs.
Foreign Collaborations & Joint Ventures
Corporate Restructuring
  • Amalgamation, mergers, de-mergers, and reverse mergers
  • Acquisitions & takeovers
  • Capital Reorganization
  • Asset Valuation and exchange ratio determination
  • Liaison, coordination, and approvals
Foreign Investment
  • Advice on Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in India
  • Opening business units in India like a Subsidiary/ Branch/ Liaison Office etc.
  • business plan/project report preparation
  • Tax planning about business set up in India
  • Advisory services on pre and post-business setup compliance. They offer a both regulatory and legal framework
  1. Company meetings
  2. Stock and asset purchases and sales
  3. shares and debentures
  4. Issue of securities
  5. Tender and exchange offers
  6. Disinvestment
  7. Banking Laws
  8. Matters relating to banker–customer relationship
  9. Matters relating to the deficiency of banking services
  10. Cheque bounce & negotiable instruments issues
  11. Oppression and mismanagement
  12. Winding up of companies and dissolution
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How Our Corporate Lawyers can assist a Company?

Our company lawyers have individual experience in various sectors of business. At the same time, they have good knowledge about varied industries and their day-to-day matters.

Our company lawyers can assist your company at every stage of business transactions. In fact, It can be from mergers and acquisitions to equity and debt offerings. Moreover, We ensure successful deal outcomes on the other hand. Our clients are happy with our deal-making approach above all. Corporate Lawyers in the Chennai law forum explain the issues in detail to business owners. Unlike criminal lawyers, We explain in common man terms to help them in making quick business decisions. We give our utmost to each and every client issue.

As a Leading Law firm we offer Corporate law services to handle your Corporate cases. We offer advice and provide creative legal solutions. Our services include the Registration of Companies, Banking Laws and Matters relating to bankers in contrast. Meanwhile, It also includes customer relationships, deficiency of banking services and cheque bouncing. In any case, We also handle matters about negotiable instruments, Issues of securities & Oppression and mismanagement. Mergers and acquisitions, Winding up of companies and dissolution are also handled.

Our Corporate legal consultants will be there with you at every step of the way with this in mind and at all stages of your business.

We hope you have a fair idea about company lawyers and their legal services by now. In case you have further questions, Please contact our senior lawyers for company law. Corporate attorneys will make sure to resolve your queries with perfect solutions.

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