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Article on hijab banned: There are so many religions in our nation who are practicing their religious tradition culture and norms in our India to express their identifications according to their caste, religious norms. when everything is acceptable by our constitution of India and our nation then why not for hijab?  Where did the Saare Jahaan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamaraa Hamaraa (Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan,) where did the meaning of the song go now?

What is a hijab?

Now every people think about what is the hijab and why all Muslim women prefer to wear the hijab? Hijab is a most beautiful way to express the culture and tradition of their religion. so, the hijab plays a most significant reference. Hijab represents the Muslim females’ submission towards their connections with faith. So, this type of faith is directly related to the situation of the Quran. see how Islam says about hijab in a beautiful way, that is why female women respect the hijab that much.

What’s happening in our mother India?

At the beginning of January 2022, a dispute pertaining to school uniform erupted in the Indian state of Karnataka in the state of uduyri district where some Muslim students of junior colleges who wear hijab into the class were not allowed to enter on the grounds that was a violation of the colleges uniform policy.

On February 5, 2022, the state Karnataka government issued an order stating that uniform is compulsory where policies exist and no exception can be made for the wearing of the hijab. After knowing they have banned hijab the other serval educational institutions started to not allow women who are with hijab and not letting them write this exam nor letting them do their work peacefully

Suspension of fundamental rights

The state high court which is hearing two petitions against the ban has restrained students from wearing hijab “religious cloth” including hijab until it issues a ruling. The lawyers have criticized the retaining order saying it amounted to “suspension of fundamental rights”

I can say that the ruling party has issues with Muslims because the hijab is not the one and only issue and the hijab is not one month are one year of practicing this tradition was followed by so many years. Why are Indian women are facing this kind of problem around our independent nation when our constitution says right to practice religion where does go now.

Sudden changes happening in our peaceful nation

Why the Muslim girls who were not allowed to use the restroom because of the hijab? Where did our independence go? in an independent nation why we are fighting for this? like this so many questing rising among us. when another religion is practicing their norms and culture peacefully why Muslim peoples are facing these hijab issues as the major issue now. Is there any causing problem to our nation, causing any damages? if we have these issues why don’t they mention in our constitution, why these sudden changes happening in our peaceful nation.

 Article on hijab banned Chennai Law Forum: Best Lawyers | 24 hours Legal help everything is acceptable by our constitution, why not for hijab?

When we don’t have any issues in keeping bindhu, putting bangles, wearing a turban, why only covering their head is the problem. Hijab is where our Muslims see them as pride and priority.  


I conclude by saying don’t play tricks on these things to show off your strength of ruling. Wearing the hijab doesn’t harm anyone and it helps them protect themselves from so many things. Let everyone practice their norms and culture. That’s why our Indian nation is more cultured and colorful with so many traditions and norms other than countries.  let’s live and let others also live a happy life.

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