Saravanan Rajendran Advocate: How to Find the best Attorney?

Saravanan Rajendran Advocate

How to Find the best High Court Attorney? Saravanan Rajendran Advocate, an ardent legal writer who holds an MBA and an ML, is a passionate Madras high court attorney. He speaks in public with great skill. Founder and Charter President of Chennai Golden Hearts Lions Cub. has received numerous accolades for her outstanding service-oriented initiatives and professionalism. He has presented more than 500 sessions on a variety of topics as a guest speaker at various colleges. Along with legal education, she incorporates character development into her lectures to prepare students for life outside the safe havens of school and their families.

Pro bono Legal Assistance of Saravanan Rajendran Advocate

He offers clients preventive measures and aids them in every step of business development. The clients include a number of Eminent Personalities, MSME enterprises, and High Profile Celebrities who require her competence from drafting legal contracts and agreements to courtroom trials. Advocate Saravanan Rajendran has expertise in corporate law, civil law, criminal law, and Cybercrime. He speaks the language of the industries, companies, and people who need new-age approaches to handle online transactions, cyber frauds, cyberbullying, and other cyber crimes. He works pro bono to offer legal assistance in the areas of family law, human rights, and women’s entrepreneurship.

Redressal, inquiries into allegations of workplace harassment, counseling, information about legal rights and options, and the resolution and negotiation of family issues are all included in the services. In addition to conducting training and looking into complaints made to the organization, individual cases involving women and children also serve as litigators that aid in implementing policies against sexual harassment, gender sensitization, and other forms of domestic harassment and workplace discrimination. His social initiatives primarily focus on child welfare, teaching the public about the Indian legal system, and providing free legal assistance to the poor.

The phrase “let’s create the change,” according to attorney Saravanan Rajendran, states that every home and person must work toward enforcing the law. He thinks it’s the only way to ensure a less violent, better civilization for the next generation. 

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