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Firstly, Buying a property involves Lakhs and crores of money. For many people indeed buying a property is dream come true. In fact, Every person yearns to have his own roof. Meanwhile, It is Vital to get Property Legal Opinion verified by a good civil advocate of property law. Moreover, Your lawyer should be able to establish authenticity of property ownership. How to find the Best Attorney 24×7?

In the first place, Chennai law forum attorneys are best for Property Legal Opinion services in Tamil Nadu, India.

Chennai law forum attorneys are best for Property Legal Opinion services in Tamil Nadu, India.

Protection of buyer’s interest

Property Legal opinion is always a boon when buying a property though it costs you. In the same fashion, Top lawyers offer advice about latent property purchases. How to find the Best Attorney? Our lawyers offer the best Tailor-made reports that save you from future property disputes.

The common man does not know about minute buying Rules and Laws. In other words, Your own property Legal Opinion lawyer is always a benefit. Further, the lawyer asserts ownership of the seller.

Aids Property documentation

Our Civil lawyers in Chennai always offer clean property paperwork. It is right from the start-up to the end of a deal. The lawyer ensures property documents. They are like sale deeds, tax receipts, and so on error-free and paid up to date.

Lawyer checks bona fides of seller’s title. Sometimes lawyers advise buyers to advertise in newspapers. It is to avoid third-party litigation in future. A sale deed vetted by lawyers helps you to decide whether property ownership is of a builder or society. He ensures terms and conditions are up to date.

Document verification

This makes the buyer aware of the property’s Legal Opinion history. Our lawyers for document Verification get full details of previous original owners. They check out minors’ rights and rights of easements. They check the encumbrances.

You get to know about the current status of potential property Legal Opinion and their encroachments.

Our lawyers help you to check property revenue records like tax receipts, Khata or Patta. They check for disputes and violations on the property.


The property lawyer goes through all property documents in detail. They cross-verify them for transparency of the property deal.

Property lawyer ensures to keep interested of both buyer and seller of the property.

A buyer has to get the original deed examined by a Civil lawyer. A third party can have access to the property. The Lawyer checks out for hidden facts of ownership.

Ensure due approvals

Many property buyers are not aware of civic approvals in sum. Our property lawyers help to check municipal body approvals like building & floor plans to resume. We also to get NOC, structural safety certificates and so on. A property needs many municipal approvals from commencement up to completion in brief. Thus Non-compliance leads to a reduction in market value and stops the project. In short, You need approvals from Electricity, fire and water boards.

Assists in buying a joint or old property

Property advocates explain the joint ownership process. In the Part of Property legal opinion, he examines the JV agreement and terms of property development. Our lawyers ensure to get NOC from all owners. He will investigate any further acquisition of property by the government.

Many properties get backed up by banks that will offer bank lawyer Property Legal opinions. By the way, It is in the safety of your own money you need to get a Property legal opinion from your own property lawyer.

We advise all buyers to take up full property Legal Opinion title search. The investigation covers the following matters:

Verification Part 1

Ownership: Complete report on ownership, joint tenants and individuals gets prepared. Corporate and common tenants are inclusive.

Deed copy: Certified deed copies of the most recent period are available in this report.

Document book and page: Document location showing book & document page no. is available through this report.

Legal description: The property will get described in legal terms in this report

Chain of documents: Previous owners’ details with chain documents are in this report

Possession: Actual possession of property report

Right of Way: It contains the Right of way issued for third-party use

Verification Part 2

Leases: Property ownership and use can get affected by recorded lease

Mortgage Search: The mortgage report contains the lender, mortgage amount and date of the mortgage.

Equity on loan search: It is a report about equity loans against the property

Tax reports: This report is about tax payment details for the property.

Foreclosure report: It has details of pending litigation, foreclosure status and default notice

Bankruptcy: It contains details about the bankruptcy of the property owner

Civil court record report: It has details recorded against the land with civil courts

Tax Lien report: It involves a title search for tax lien encumbrance of the property

Municipal Services Lien report: It has details of unpaid dues of municipal services. It can be like water, sewer, trash dues

Treasury lien report: It is a report based on unpaid tax payments by all means.

State tax report: It is a report about unpaid sales tax, employment tax and so on.

Verification Part 3

Spouse support lien report: It has encumbrances of spousal support. It can be alimony or other court payments.

Child support lien report: It has encumbrances of child support. It can be other court payments for the child too.

Property zoning: Details of zoning like flood zone, ecological zone, earthquake zone accordingly…

Property easement search: It gives details about easements and right of way and so on

Municipal assessed value: Metro cities’ property valuation is by the local authority

Verification Part 4

Plot or survey map: This report contains an official survey copy

Power of attorney: Officially authorized person to act on behalf of the owner in legal transactions, However, You can get details in this report

Special assessments: Any ongoing or conducted special assessment report about the property, You can get details in this report above all

Partnership agreement: Whether the property is being owned by a partnership firm, You can get details here too.

Promissory note: The personal loan of the owner is recorded against the property on the other hand. Furthermore, You can know through this report

Correction deed: In all honesty, If there has been an error in the original deed, You can rectify the same with the correction deed in contrast. In addition, Lawyers dig out such deeds of a potential property.

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