Are you an accused of a crime against a person (assault/murder etc.)? Is it a crime against property (shoplifting / theft etc.) or any other criminal offence? Even if maybe a cybercrime. If yes, then a criminal attorney is the right person to be approached to deal with the matter.


Your rights are defended by a criminal lawyer at each and every stage of your case. Right from filing an anticipatory bail/ regular bail up to an appeal after conviction and even also to nullifying an FIR, a criminal Advocate takes care of the matter.

Search for the best Criminal Lawyer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

With countless Advocates in the market to choose from, it is difficult to find the best criminal Advocate for you. How to identify the best criminal lawyer and entrust him with your case and your life? It is difficult to select one.

The best Advocate for you is the one who has the following attributes:

Criminal advocate’s Passion for the law

A Good Attorney has to fight for your rights and always listens and shows interest in your case. Your Criminal Advocate should not only represent you but need to be on your side. He/she should be passionate about his work.

Experienced Criminal lawyers in Chennai

All experience is not the same. Your lawyer needs to have experience in defending a huge number of people and treat everyone as an individual. Tax law experience is different from courtroom experience of criminal charges. He should be an expert in what you’re charged for.

Criminal attorneys must trust their instincts.

Your instincts help you judge the character of a person. Your Criminal attorney should be your adviser. Meanwhile, the criminal lawyer must explain your options and then let you choose freely. Of course, senior criminal advocates must not make you feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Criminal attorneys with Confident but not arrogant

There is just a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Your lawyer should be confident but not arrogant. Hard work and preparation build a strong case. Do not fall for empty promises. Your attorney cannot guarantee the specific outcome of your case as there is always an unknown element in law.

Great references of Criminal lawyers in Chennai

A great advocate will have a good reputation. Inquire with friends and associates for the best lawyers. Choose the one with good recommendations.

Our Criminal Lawyers Reasonable fee

As they say, you get what you pay for. An experienced Criminal attorney costs more than a fresh Advocate without experience. But if your Criminal lawyer’s fee is much higher or lower than other similarly qualified candidates, you should ask why.

Great communication skills of our Criminal lawyers

Legal documents or the general process may be confusing. An advocate has to understand and communicate with his clients. Communication is the key. He should not only ensure that you understand the process but has to go over all the options to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. Consequences can be daunting if you don’t have the proper information to make the right long-term decision on the other hand. Irrespective of the charge, you should have a lawyer on your side.

Make a good Team of Criminal lawyers

Court representation is not one man’s job. A strong legal team will prepare for court. Your Criminal attorneys usually rely on others like paralegals and other advocates to work your case. It is good if they work as a team.

Criminal lawyers Explain in common man terms

Usually, Criminal Attorneys use specialized terms in court and when preparing legal documents. But when they are explaining and communicating with you they should speak and explain in common man language instead of using technical terms. Ensure this with your Criminal lawyer.

Criminal legal counsel Make time to explain options

Ensure your Criminal Advocates takes time to explain your options right from plea bargains up to sentencing. By the same token, Every choice you make has lasting consequences. Hence you need the right legal advice from legal counsel to arrive at a such choice.

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Find a sincere and dedicated criminal lawyer in Chennai

A criminal charge isn’t the same as a traffic ticket in the first place. It is advisable not to do it individually. As a matter of fact, A criminal attorney with experience, passion for law and the ability to get good results is the right person for the job. Just any advocate cannot handle your case in the same fashion. Take time and find the best Criminal lawyer to work your case. In the same way, You need an Advocate who must be bold to convey in court and represent you.

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